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We are  Armstrong Air dealer with  years of expertise in heating and cooling. Our knowledge can help you save money in many ways, from proper insulation to optimizing the performance of heating and cooling equipment.

Ac replacement Dallas Texas
Ac Air Conditioner replacement in Dallas Texas Also fort worth Arlington Texas

Cooling Efficiencies

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and is a measurement of the efficiency of cooling products. The U.S. government’s minimum efficiency level is 13.0, but Armstrong Air cooling products exceed 18.0 SEER.

Your peace of mind is as important to us as your comfort. That’s why every Armstrong Air product is backed by warranties as robust and dependable as the products themselves.

Every piece of heating equipment is eligible for a 10-Year Parts Warranty and Limited Lifetime Heat Exchanger Warranty. All other products are eligible for the 10-Year Parts Warranty as well. All products will need to be registered on our website within 60 days of purchase or the warranty will default to a 5-Year Limited Warranty on parts and a 20-Year Limited Warranty on the heat exchanger

Modern Times Call for Modern Air Conditioning:

In times when your air conditioner breaks down and stops working, we’re here to help. Our service specializes in AC Replacement, and will takes the steps needed to ensure that your AC will be up and running in no time. Our technicians will be with you through out the process to determine if your AC needs to be replaced. If your AC is operating at 10 SEER or below, perhaps it’s time you call us to get it replaced. With newer air conditoners running at 13 to 18 SEER, you could be saving up to 60 percent in cooling expenses.

Since 1928, Armstrong Air has been the smart choice for homeowners who expect more from their heating and cooling system. Built with durable materials and incorporating brilliant technology throughout, Armstrong Air is not only the brand to trust with your home comfort, it’s also the brand more dealers would choose for themselves. From gas, oil and electric furnaces to air conditioners, heat pumps, air handlers and indoor air quality equipment, when you trust Armstrong Air, you’re trusting The Professional’s Choice.